Best Celeb Hair: Kerry Curls Up, Angela Highlights

A lack of major events this week led to pretty standard ‘dos among our favorite celebs, and Sundance doesn’t count. When you’re in chilly Park City, Utah, who has time to get extra primped? This week’s best hair is dedicated to the chicks who looked hot simply by keeping it simple.
We love Kerry Washington because she always manages to keep it simple yet look super sexy. The actress, here at the second annual Producers Guild Awards, switched from her usual wavy mane and goes for a shiny, curly ‘do.

Johnson Publishing Chairwoman Linda Johnson Rice is simply glowing at the Eunice Johnson Fashion Retrospective unveiling at Macy’s Herald Square in New York City. The short, shaggy style really works for her!

It’s hard to pull off two-toned hair, but Angela Simmons seems to know how to make it work. The reality star and Pastry co-owner turned up at the MTV Staying Alive Foundation Dinner with a simple, cute ‘do that had a lot of volume.

Okay, so it’s a wig – so what? It’s some form of hair, right? Veteran songstress Stephanie Mills rocks a cute bob at the Amateur Night at the Apollo 2011 Season Opening Night.

Kerry Curls Hairstyles Gallery

Best Celeb Hair: Kerry Curls Up, Angela Highlights

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